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FC 바르셀로나/2020-20 시즌 - 나무위키

This paper was investigated students' interest and identify differences depending on gender, and supposed the concrete data that can be used in the school field. This study was investigated effects of the SW education using robot and identify differences depending on the presence of assistant teacher, and expanded the understanding of the SW education using robot. Thus, it is necessary to identify and foster gifted children in IT as early as possible. In addition, it is necessary to expand the choice of subjects for the students by reducing the number of required courses and increasing the number of elective courses. The blockchain has been used in various area such as manufacturing, culture, and public as well as finance because of its advantage of the security, efficiency and applicability. Accordingly, artificial intelligence based composition programs for composing classical music and pop music have been proposed variously in academia and industry. Recently, entrepreneurship education has been emphasized in order to bring creative innovation to the fourth industrial revolution era. As a result of the learning motivation analysis, the SW-STEAM program using flipped learning has improved attention, relevance and confidence.

The Korea government has recently announced 「A Master Plan for Smart Education」, including application of digital textbooks and composition of education system using cloud computing. The system is expected to make trust of a distance learning higher. The results of the analyses indicated that the teaching and learning system positively influenced students' achievement and satisfaction levels. Also, the education is designed to write evaluation forms continuously for students to keep eyes on their achievement levels. Therefore, the intention of this research is to analyze learner's traits by examining score levels of post-class assessments made after Unplugged Classes. The purpose of this study was threefold: to design and develop a smart teaching and learning system based on flipped learning for elementary subject matter education; to apply the system to the elementary classroom; and to examine the effects of the system on students' achievement and satisfaction levels. Based on the results of this study, it is expected that it will be a basis for designing the technology leaking scenarios based on future research and leaking experiences. In this study, we examine the effects of SW education using robot on flow in elementary school. In this study, we expect that teachers' perceptions of analyzed AI will help the direction of SW education.

In addition, the study attempted to investigate the teachers' understanding of the various factors regarding the use of smart learning. In addition to the verification of the relation between a learner's accomplishment level and the aforementioned data groups, meaningful applications of the data will also be recognized for practical use in elementary school classrooms. It indicates that the physical computing based interactive prototyping programming learning model is applicable to the programming learning for 5th-grade elementary students. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a standardization scheme for e-textbook format based on e-book structure. To achieve a clearly discriminative representation of local shape, presented method encodes a target pixel with the prominent directional variations in local structure from an analysis of statistics encompassed in the histogram of such directional variations. Third, study achievement is improved by changing cognitive structure that is due to development of meta-cognition. 6) participants. As a result, the achievement by the evaluation factors showed significant difference within each group. According to the results of the analysis, the five achievement standards presented by the Ministry of Education were assigned to 17 or 18 times according to the textbooks. On the basis of the results of the survey, the problems of implementing smart learning in the classroom were analyzed, and then some suggestions were made to pave the way for the more improved and systematic smart learning.

In this paper, we studied a design-based learning for Computational Thinking in Computational Literacy. As the importance of SW education grows, researches are actively being conducted to improve students' thinking skills. RAM analysis determines the range of resources to be invested by presenting the development goals of the weapon sy stem. Vulnerability Analysis Analysis It is judged that it will be a countermeasure against new hacking attack in case of concept validation by interworking with TOOL. The purpose of this study is to suggest the process of deriving the relative importance of the evaluation factors using the AHP with focusing on assessing the avenues of approach in IPB related to the ground operation plan. In this paper, we present a novel local descriptor, Local Prominent Directional Pattern (LPDP), to represent the description of facial images for gender recognition purpose. As the importance of NCS is emphasized these days, the Integrated document training m aterials present the ways how this education is needed to go on, and this shows ways to improve students’ document writ ing abilities. This is effective for detecting and responding to attacks from the outside, but it is vulnerable to internal security incidents.

In order to prevent internal leakage effectively, this study identifies activities corresponding to technology leakage activities and designes technology leakage activity detection items. Organizations have made various efforts to prevent information security incidents, but tend to rely on technical solutions. This model's characteristics is a modular integrated curriculum model combined the mathematics, natural science, and information science. 안전사이트 of this study are expected to contribute to the development of informatics curriculum for elementary school and the basic data of related research. This study analyzes elementary school teachers' perception of Artificial Intelligence, educational effect, and necessity in education that appeared as an important issue in Software education. We collected questionnaires for 151 elementary school teachers. We conducted the group III tasks, which are experiencing and challenging in Beaver Challenge 2018, on 55 students of 5th grade in elementary school. We considered educational strategies and derived the implications, after teaching fourth grade gifted students. After collecting data, we examined mean difference using matched pair t-test and ANCOVA. For this, I established the most appropriate framework for analysis through comparing and analyzing the arms control theories.